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Don't mess with your brakes

Alarming sounds from your tire and brakes?

If you've noticed your brakes aren't responding the way they used to, or you hear this annoying squeak every time you turn, it's time to come in for a brake and tire inspection. You don't ever want to put yourself and your family in danger, so make sure you're diligent about tire and brake maintenance for all your vehicles.

Let us manage your brakes and tires

- ABS diagnosis

- ABS repair

- Brake replacement

- Brake installation

- Brake service

- Tire repair

- Tire rotation

- Tire change

- Suspension system service

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It's our pleasure to service your vehicle regardless of where you're coming from. Our professional team is happy to answer all your questions before you visit our garage so you know exactly what Clair's Automotive is all about.

You're going to be amazed at what good tires can do for your vehicle and your ride.

Come in and let us give you the brake inspection you need.

Our fabulous reputation speaks for itself when it comes to our quality care including insurance programs, electrical service, engine and emission care, and air conditioner repair.